How can I print?

AvPlan EFB provides multiple mechanisms to get printouts from AvPlan EFB to your printer. AvPlan EFB supports AirPrint, can send print files to another app (some non-AirPrint printers have apps in the App Store to print to them, or there are some generic printing apps in the App Store, such as Print Central Pro). Another option is email – AvPlan EFB supports emailing printouts of your plan, loading, weather, ERSA and DAP pages anywhere.


If you'd like to print a single page, tap the printer icon at the top of the page (in the Terminal, Weather or Text tabs:



To print (or email) flight a selectable package of plan materials, tap Planning > Print/Send.  

Any thumbnail with a green tick icon in its corner will be included in the print package.  You can select all, clear all, or select a section.  

Once you have selected the pages to be included, tap the Send/Share icon (square with upwards arrow icon) in the top-right of the screen.

More information about Print/Send can be found here.

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