How do I check my subscriptions?

Within AvPlan EFB, you can tap Settings > Subscriptions, and the current subscriptions attached to your login profile will be displayed under the words 'My Subscriptions:'.


If you have already purchased a subscription or subscriptions and they aren't showing up on the list, it may be because of one of the following causes:

  • You are not logged in correctly.   Log in using your email address and AvPlan password in Settings > User Settings > Username.  Once you're logged in, tap Subscriptions and tap the circular arrow 'refresh' icon in the top-right of the screen.
  • You originally purchased the subscription via iTunes (i.e. in-app) before you registered your email address, and you have since changed the code in the User ID field (see picture above). Contact and let us know your current code in the User ID field, and your email address if you've since registered one with AvPlan (as per above).
  • You have internet connectivity issues and AvPlan EFB cannot contact the server.  Check your connection settings and/or data availability (in the case of 4G data).

On our website, tap My Flights/Login, log in using your email address and AvPlan password, then select My Account.  Note: subscriptions purchased via iTunes will not display on the website, as they are stored on your device(s).


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