Sharing Traffic Data w Apps

In early May 2015 we introduced the first version of AvPlan Live - our 3G based live aircraft tracking system. Another EFB provider replicated this solution some months later.

At that time we approached them to share traffic information (as it makes a lot of sense from a safety perspective to share this data) but we were rebuffed. Since that time we have made follow up requests but none have had any response from that vendor, the most recent being around 4 weeks ago.

At this time we can categorically state that;

  • We have always been willing to share our traffic data with other providers
  • We are currently willing to do so

Update 30 March 2019:

We were notified recently of a statement on their facebook page about this, see below.


 It appears to be a commercial decision on their part to attempt to maintain what marketshare they still cling to. Even if that 20% number is correct (which it is not), that's still a whole lot of aircraft out there.

Additionally, we agree on the use of ADSB receivers to enhance safety. That is why we don't charge you extra to attach an ADSB receiver to AvPlan EFB, and work to support every device on the market (except Garmin, but that isn't up to us unfortunately).

At AvPlan EFB we put safety of all pilots ahead of commercials.

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