How do I get AvPlan EFB onto a new device? How can I sign out from an old device?

A subscription for AvPlan EFB is valid on any three devices concurrently, regardless of operating system; you can run AvPlan on iOS and Android devices at the same time.

When it is time to retire an old device from AVPlan service, go to Settings>User Settings>UsernameSign Out to Sign Out of AvPlan on that device. This will free up one device from your device limit. Then you can simply Sign In with Avplan on a new device.

Even easier: new to AvPlan 9, you can go to Settings>User Devices and see all devices that you have that are currently Signed In to AvPlan, and sign them out individually if/as desired. You can even sign out an old device that you may have lost, sold or destroyed.

If you can’t get to a device with AvPlan on it, you can use any browser to go the AvPlan Live website, sign in with your AvPlan credentials, click on the Account button and see the devices that you are signed in to AvPlan for you.

Similarly, if you wish to use AvPlan on a fourth device, simply Sign Out on a device that you are not using, and Sign In on the one you wish to start using. You can swap back and fourth from one device to another at any time simply by Signing Out and Signing In in this manner. (An internet connection is required).

If you forget to Sign Out of AvPlan on a device and subsequently exceed your three-device limit, AvPlan will prompt you to perform device management on startup.



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