How do I access ERSA (FAC) pages?

As AvPlan EFB is storing and displaying documents in digital form, smarter things can be done with the documents than just offering them as one file start-to-finish.  We can attach relevant parts of the document to different areas of the app.   

The FAC pages (i.e. all pages that pertain to a particular aerodrome/heliport) of the ERSA are found in the Terminal pane for that place.

There's a couple of ways you can get to the ERSA page(s) for an airport:

  • Via the Terminal page
  • Via the EnRoute page
  • Via the Flight Plan


Via the Terminal page:

Tap the book icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Search for the place you wish to view.

From the results, tap the row of the place you'd like to view.

Tap FAC.

(If there's only one result, it will be selected by default, so you can simply tap the FAC row without selecting the place)



Via the En Route page:

Tap the map near where you'd like to view.  

The Nearest Items window will appear.

From the list, tap the row corresponding with the place you'd like to view.

Scroll down the list and tap on FAC.


Via the Flight Plan:

Tap the row of the place you wish to view. 

The Terminal tab for that place will open.

Swipe the page from right-to-left to access the ERSA page(s).



What about the rest of the ERSA?:

The beginning and the end of the ERSA (i.e. the sections other than FAC) can be accessed by tapping Text > ERSA General, then tapping the relevant chapter.

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