Starring your approach/taxi plates

Have you wished you can have particular plates or taxi diagrams handy, regardless of what airport you’re viewing in the Terminal pane? Here’s how you can do it!

Tap Terminal, then select the book icon in the top right of the screen.


You’ll see a list of all documents connected to the currently selected airport on the right; on the left, a list of all airports in the database.


To the right of each document, you’ll notice some hollow star icons.  Tapping the text will take you directly to that document, however tapping the star icon will elevate it up to the Favorites section.


This feature can be handy for any pilot, but particularly for IFR pilots. You can set up the taxi diagram, SID, STAR then Approach and taxi diagram.  All in the one spot!

To remove any starred documents, simply tap the star icon once again and it will return to the regular list.

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