Full screen flight plan

The interactive electronic flight log has always been one of the core features of AvPlan EFB.  An option recently added to the growing list of personalisation settings includes the ability to select between the original flight log design (on the left in landscape mode or top/bottom in portrait mode) and a full-screen mode.

To enable this feature, tap Settings > User Settings > Full Screen Flight Plan.

Enable Full Screen Flight Plan

When enabled, an extra option appears in the lower section of the screen: Flight Plans. The flight log has its own tab.

Flight Plans

The Hide/Show Flight Log button still works as a shortcut from the other tabs directly to the Flight Plans tab:


You can cycle through the active leg in the flight plan (i.e. the TO field) by using the up and down arrow buttons.

Active Leg Step

There’s also a new RMK column.  Any delay or air work intentions sent to ATC from your flight plan will be displayed here:


To enter these comments, tap the corresponding row in the flight log (this will take you to the Terminal Page for that place), and under the Leg Details tab, type your delay time and Pilot Remarks.

Pilot Remarks

Eagle-eyed pilots will also note that there’s an extra column: Fuel.  The upper box gives the planned fuel burned for the leg, and the lower box displays a progressive planned fuel burned from takeoff.  Pilots that have used AvPlan EFB on the iPhone or 12″ iPad Pro will already be used to seeing this column.

Not all pilots will like the separate tab, but many others will love the extra space a whole screen option brings.  Give it a try today, if you haven’t already!

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