I just bought a new iPad/iPhone. How do I set it up?

Preparatory steps:

Before setting up your new iPad (or iPhone), you can prepare your aircraft type list to be ready for syncing with your new device. It's important to make sure that the snapshot of your aircraft up in your section of AvPlan Cloud is the most up-to-date one.  If you don't, there is a possibility that you can overwrite the current aircraft stored on your device.  To ensure you avoid this situation, take the following steps:

  • Tap Settings > User Settings and ensure that Sync Aircraft is ticked.
  • Then, tap Settings > Aircraft Type Database
  • Tap on an aircraft you have set up and make one simple change (One that won't have a large effect on the flight planning you've already set up - amending the price of Fuel up or down by one cent is enough for the purposes of syncing).  
  • Once you've made the alteration, tap the back button (  < symbol in the top-left of the window) two or three times - until you're prompted to save or discard your changes.  Ensure you tap Save.

AvPlan EFB will now push up an up-to-date snapshot of your aircraft to the cloud.


On the new iPad:


After unboxing the new iPad, power it on and follow the Apple setup steps.  Make sure you sign in to this iPad using the same Apple ID that you used to set up your previous iPad/iPhone(s).  If you're not sure what your Apple ID or your Apple password is, you can recover them here: https://appleid.apple.com/

Then, tap App Store > Search.  Search for AvPlan EFB.

Tap the download button to begin download and installation of the AvPlan app: 

When installation has completed, launch the AvPlan EFB app.

During the opening sequence of AvPlan EFB, sign in using your AvPlan EFB username (usually your email address) and password.  It is important that you sign in with the exact same username/password as you use on the original device(s).

At the Add Aircraft prompt, select Skip.  This step will be completed in a moment when the aircraft database is synced.

Now, you can pick up your other device(s) and do the following (assuming you're logged in):

Tap Settings > User Settings and ensure that Sync Aircraft is ticked.

Tap Settings > Aircraft Type Database.

Tap the Refresh button  in the bottom-left corner of the screen.  The app should say 'Restoring' for a few seconds.

The aircraft from your first device should now be present on your new device.

⚠️ NOTE:  If you tap the circular arrow icon without a snapshot of your aircraft saved in the cloud, the current saved aircraft on that device may be overwritten with no aircraft.


 Syncing flight plans:


Tap Settings > User Settings and ensure that Sync Flight Plans is ticked.  Do this on each of your devices so that flight plans are available on all of your devices.

On the new device, you will notice a list of flight plans that have been successfully synced to AvPlan Cloud from your other device(s) listed under the Other Flight Plans subheading.  To move them from the Other Flight Plans (i.e. in the cloud) list to the Local Flight Plans (i.e. on your device) list, simply tap it.  Flight plans created on other devices prior to this new device being set up will appear in the Other list.  New flight plans will automatically appear in the Local list.

Flight plans will sync from one device to the cloud (and therefore other devices) when they've been opened and then placed back in Stored Plans (making sure that SAVE CHANGES is selected in the process). NOTE: If changes are discarded, a sync will not occur.

To read more about flight plan syncing, click here.

⚠️ NOTE:  In the general Settings app for the iPad/iPhone, AvPlan EFB will need 'Allow Notifications' set to ON for flight plan sync to work. Do this on all of your devices.


Data Downloads:

The downloaded regions from your original device are not automatically shared/synced with your new device.

Tap Settings > Data Downloads.

Tap on the region you fly in and select Download.  This will download the required maps and documents.



User Waypoints

On your original iPad, tap Planning > User Waypoints.

At the bottom of the waypoints list, you'll see a WAYPOINT MANAGEMENT section.

You can either AirDrop them from one device to the other or email the waypoints to yourself.

If you email it, open the email on your new device.  Tap and hold on the attachment.  Select 'Open in AvPlan EFB'.

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