How do I send a flight plan to Dynon Skyview?




  • Dynon Skyview 1000 or 700 unit (excludes D10A)
  • SkyView 13.0 System Software (minimum)
  •   Dynon WiFi adaptor installed in SkyView unit(s). NOTE: A WiFi adaptor is required for each screen installed in the aircraft.
  • Dynon Connection enabled within AvPlan EFB. Tap Settings > External Devices > Dynon Status and ensure it’s switched ON.


  1. Power up the Dynon SkyView unit(s).
  2. Connect the iPad to the WiFi hotspot created by the Dynon Skyview – via the iPad’s Settings app. (Refer to your Dynon Skyview documentation for more information regarding setting up the WiFi hotspot).
  3. Return to AvPlan EFB and complete your flight planning process. Tap Send/Share icon.
  4. Select Send to Dynon.
  5. A confirmation will appear on the Dynon screen. Select Accept to import the flight plan.
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